Hey there, Copy Cat: T-Mobile’s Recycling of Mac vs PC

Today’s blunder comes to us form the world of TV advertising.  If you have not had a chance to catch one of  the new T-Mobile television ads, just think of Apple‘s famous Mac Vs PC bits and slap on the T-Mobile logo.  That is exactly what the advertising team that pulled off this doozey was thinking. They incorporate the insanely hip lead actor (actress in this case), white, minimalist background, and yes even the oh-so inspiring trademark jingle.  Check out the video and you be the judge:

Now, compare:

I understand that it is becoming more and more difficult to wade through the multitude of online, offline, print, tv, radio ads and still manage to think of an original idea.  Still, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, do NOT under any circumstances blatantly copy an ad that has been seen by a majority of the population.  I am kind of surprised that Apple has not yet taken offense and hurled a HUGE lawsuit at T-Mobile.

I am kind of shocked to see such a faulty ad campaign that I am beginning a new set of rules for ad campaigns.  Let it be known that T-Mobile is now in violation of..


RULE #1: Never, under any circumstance, copy an existing ad campaign. (You lose more points if it was a popular, game-changing, extremely successful, RECENT campaign)

Leave me a comment if you think you can find a way to defend T-Mobile or if you see the benefit in blatantly copying an existing ad campaign. I would love to hear your side 🙂


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