April Fools! Google takes a few moments to spread some joy

Google took a moment today to make us laugh by circulating a fake product video as well as an unusual video recap of YouTube’s past 100 years.

Google is known for taking this fine holiday to its very limits.  In 2006, they gave us Google Romance which offered a dating ‘search’ service on the Google home page.  Gromance let us believe that “Dating [was] a search problem” and that we could “solve it with Google Romance.”  The most well-known Gprank has to be its 2007 April Fool’s Day gag, Google Paper, a service that allowed Gmail users to add emails to a paper archive -a service that sent the Gmail user a paper copy of the selected email via snail mail.

Click here for a complete list of Google’s past April Fool’s Day Pranks.

This year, Google’s much anticipated gag product video comes to us as the new Gmail Motion service. Gmail Motion introduces us to the new development of motion-capture email with “intuitive, ergonomic and easy to do” gestures.  My favorite: “to send a message lick a stamp and place it down.”

Following in its parent’s footsteps, YouTube gives us its very own April Fool’s Day prank celebrating its 100 (yeah, you heard that right…) year anniversary with a video honoring the top 5 viral videos of 1911.  Among them is a parody of Antoine Dodson’s Bed intruder, Buggy intruder, where the silent movie hero proclaims that the intruder “is climbing into your buggies and snatching your people up.”


With PR, it is often much easier to find an example of a company failing miserably than of one succeeding, because success can be much more difficult to observe than failure.  So here are my props to Google for keeping itself in the (positive) public light and keeping the smiles on our faces.

Do you have any examples or theories on PR metrics?  If so, I would love to hear from you!  Send me an email at perceptionpeople@gmail.com


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