Flight safety videos that redefine mile high entertainment

International airlines Air New Zealand and Volaris are creating a stir as they guide their passengers through flight safety procedures in new, more -ahem- attractive ways.

Most frequent flyers have learned to either tune out the drone of the crew member chanting the never-changing flight safety procedure or to fall asleep instantly as the video generated safety message whirrs into existence.  This two to five minute window has always been poorly utilized.  Here, airlines have the (almost) undivided attention of most flyers, and they are choosing to spend it spewing out boring and sometimes unintelligible versions of the same flight safety speech from 1914.

Flying to the rescue are New Zealand and Mexican pioneers; they are offering revolutionary ways to create fun and safe flying experiences for their customers while soaring their public image to heights above their competitors.

Inside a Ryanair cabin where advertisements truly are a dime a dozen.

When used appropriately these part advertisement, and equal part PR campaign in-flight safety videos offer companies a moment to establish themselves as more than just your typical airline.  I am not, however, suggesting that companies use this time to bombard their customers with advertisements, like the hundreds of bright yellow and blue advertisements in Ryanair cabins.

Here is Air New Zealand’s newest in-flight safety video featuring Richard Simmons and some mile-high madness:

Also, take a look at their racy 2009 video showing some of their flight crew wearing nothing more than a layer of paint.

For my Spanish speaking audience, here is a look at the Volaris in-flight safety video re-imagined as a telenovela:


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